Complete design service

Complete design service

In the process of project design we can fulfill all necessary actions regarding reflection, creation and implementation of a specific project.
For the client it means saving energy, time and money, as well as controlled dynamics of the project design in one place. Also, according to the client’s request, we can offer segments individually.
The services that we offer as part of our comprehensive design services:

  • Creating a project plan in accordance with the requests of the client
  • Making urban, financial, functional and formal concept analyses
  • Presentations with 3D visualizations of the project design
  • Preparation of complete project design documentation necessary for obtaining building permits and construction
  • Obtaining necessary documents (the land register and cadastre office)
  • Obtaining building permits (continuous monitoring of cases after application to the urban office, with full technical support and informing th client of there case status)
  • Consulting (technical and professional counseling clients)
  • Design, technical and financial supervision during construction
Complete design service

Projekt design documentation

Preliminary design

Preliminary design is a set of coordinated drawings and documents that provide basic form, functional and technical solutions for a building (preliminary and technical solution) and the position of a building on a site.

Master design

The master plan is a set of coordinated projects that provide technical solutions for building and confirming compliance with the essential requirements for a building. The master plan must be made in accordance with the preliminary design.

The master plan, depending on the type of buildings and works include:

  • Architectural design,
  • Structural design,
  • Electrical plans,
  • Mechanical installations plans,
  • Water supply and sanitation plans,
  • Fire protection plans,
  • Safety plans,
  • The buildings bill of quantities.

The Master plan for buildings that require mandatory establishments of rules for environment protection based on special regulations also include technical and technological solutions.Depending on the type of building the master plan may include other types of projects (survey study, geotechnical design, foundation design, landscape design, etc.).

Detailed design

Final detailed designs develop a technical solution to a given main project. Final detailed designs must be made in accordance with the master plan.

Constructed documentation

Constructed documentation is a final detailed design of the building with all changes made during construction. The investor or his legal successor shall keep it for as long as the building exists.

Survey of the preexisting state

Survey of the preexisting state records the state of a building based on the aspects regarding architecture, structural and installations.

Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Professional accounting and construction supervision on behalf of investors are carried out by the supervising engineer. In carrying out construction supervision the supervising engineer shall:

  • supervise the construction to be in accordance with the obtained building act, construction laws and special regulations
  • determines whether the contractor meets the requirements for performing construction activities regulated by special laws
  • Without hesitation notifying the investor regarding all defects or irregularities occurring during construction.
  • Determine if the main project in terms of horizontal and vertical dimensions and purpose of the building are made with the construction condition resolution or location permit.
  • Compile a final report for the buildings construction.

For buildings that execute several tasks or larger scale works, technical supervision must consist of several technical supervisors based on the engineering profession. In that the client or person designated by him shall appoint a chief supervisor.Chief supervision engineer is responsible for the completeness and coordination of technical supervisions of construction and is obligated to prepare a final report.


Consulting (technical consulting clients or management of the building design)

The purpose of technical consulting and project management of construction activities is so before and during construction a realization of the building concept is insured. Consulting involves the following tasks or some of them:

  • Financial, legal and technical guidance, planing and preparation,all in relation with design, construction and the usage of buildngs.
  • Selection, connecting and coordinating work of the designer, surveyor, revisor , supervising engineer, contractor and all other partys engaged in the construction process, also offering advice regarding contracts for future buisness relations with these parties and overlooking there work, in order to protect the rights and interests of the investor.
  • obtaining all documents, analyzes, studies, reports and other documents required in order to complete the project documentation and obtaining the necessary building permits, as well as just obtaining permits listed above,
  • obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions necessary in order to build a building and performing actions that is manditory for investor to perform during construction

Regulations regarding construction