Improvement plans for increasing energy efficiency (ENU)

We offer services of creating improvement plans in order to increase energy efficiency (ENU). This plan includes construction works on the outer core of a building (replacing existing facades,  carpentry, roof layers, etc.) in order to improve the energy efficiency of a building.
These plans are used as part of documentation needed for a realization of purposed loans, as well as a basis for undergoing works of improvement to improve energy efficiency of a building.
The objectives of improving energy performance is to transfer a building towards a higher energy rating and to reduce its need for energy consumption, which ultimately results in lower maintenance costs and usage, as well as to increase the market value of the property.

Architectural – construction detailed improvement plan (reconstruction) consists of:

  • Architectual and construction drawings, with details needed for construction,
  • Bill of quantities for construction and craft works.
  • Thermodynamic calculations of the buildings physical components that are to be constructed

Given the level of detail of elaboration, it is possible to accurately determine the types of works needed and amount of building materials needed for a certain segment. This gives the client controlled costs and insured quality of building works.
Also, we provide the service of professional and financial supervising over the works that are performed by our design, which includes:

  • Supervising construction of improvement so that it is consistent with prepared design documentation, laws and special regulations.
  • The final report regarding the building construction.
Improvement plans for increasing energy efficiency (ENU)